I love all aspects of photography and am very open to working  with other photographers and or authors on collaborative projects. 

I continue to focus on developing my skills and understanding of photographic techniques and am always happy to share experiences and with with other photographers and or authors. 

I am continuing to focus on Nature and macro photography and am keen to expand my knowledge and exposure to these genres. 

I have recently produced my first photography e-book and this is available from the Amazon Kindle store, Smashwords and the iTunes store. 

Links provided - Macro Photography Quick Start Manual. I have read a number of books on photography, how to and technical volumes etc. I wanted to try and share my knowledge in a short and succinct quick start manner - if you read this book it will provide you with the skills to quickly start taking better macro photographs. 

I am in no way detracting from other books available, but wanted to give clear and concise guidance as to what settings and exactly to do so as to empower budding marco and nature photographers to be able to quickly get out and about shooting and capturing great images - photography is very much a doing rather than a theory pastime and art form I feel. 

I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions for other projects and or collaborations, I enjoyed the process of producing and publishing this book and would be eager to get involved in other like projects. 

I am also a passionate landscape and cityscape image shooter, I love identifying compositions and then working with the light and elements to develop pictures that can showcase my subjects



​Macro shot of my wife's eye - I am a very luck man.

I would love to hear your feedback and am open to all projects and opportunities to collaborate, I hope you enjoy my site and images - Do please feel free to connect with me via the contact me link below.

A group shot of Long Tail Macaques - Admiralty Park Singapore

​I love shooting wildlife and am passionate about connecting with nature

Heritage Bridge at Lower Seletar Reservoir - Singapore. The use of filters and long exposures resulting in an almost surreal image

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A couple of studio shots of the Singapore based model HR.  

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