We moved back to Australia from Singapore having had an amazing adventure in Asia, not only had we experienced new cultures and places but also, mainly thanks to my wife added to our family in the form of our rescue dog Roxy. A slightly "challenged" female "Singapore Special" Asia is a fascinating region and an image rich location for all photographers. 

It was here that with the assistance of Canon Singapore I began to get really interested in photography and explore the medium in more detail. I found photography later in life, Indeed until we moved to Sydney in 2011 I had not thought of myself as being in any way artistic. New to Sydney we decided to get out and about and as part of this we joined an oil painting class, I loved it and looking back it was possibly this introduction to art that has assisted me now with my photography, painting being very much about the use and capture of light. 

Photography of course being effectively (or rather translating) to paint with light. It wasn't possible to continue my oil painting when we moved to Singapore, Oil painting being a potentially messy, more so when I am behind the easel; art form and Singapore rental space being so high, I needed to find a new outlet for my newfound artistic endeavours. 

I had started to photograph underwater shots to record our diving experiences and had bought a Canon G16 and underwater housing which in turn required the purchase of a strobe light set up and a Go Pro to record video, I had quickly become hooked! It therefore seemed a natural progression to take my photography onto dry land. 

The team at Canon are excellent and I thoroughly recommend either joining a camera club or working with your respective camera manufacturer to further your understanding of photography and improve your images. I quickly devoured the Canon Imaging Academy courses, Studio, Portraiture, Landscape, Architecture, Macro, Nature and Street photography as well as their courses on Lightroom and Photoshop. 

Indeed I am often asked if I can share any advice to budding photographers, I cannot recommend enough investing in your photography, if for example your budget for a camera is $1,000 then buy a $750 model and use the saved $250 on professional instruction, you will take far better shots with a $750 model once you are able to fully utilise and understand its functions that you ever will with a $1,000 or even a $2,000 model if you don't understand the basic principles and methodology - Photography is a unique art form in that it blends technology with artistic impression, harnessing and being able to use the technology available to you will ensure that you are best placed to capture great images. 

I am open to collaborations and would welcome the opportunity to discuss any projects that you might be interested in sharing, I hope you enjoy the site and my images - all the best.....


My photography like life itself is spontaneous, in the moment and never staged. I shoot in RAW so need to process my DNG images however I do not manipulate or alter the image captured.


It never ceases to amaze me as to where beauty can be found, vivid imagery surrounds us, my role is to capture it and share with you

All images displayed on this site have been produced for web display, their resolution and formatting is lower than print quality images

About me - 

Photography is not something I produce, it's something that produces a change in me and for those that view my work. The camera lens captures what the human eye misses or, in the case of macro and close up photography, overlooks or takes for granted. I feel very fortunate to be able to capture and share these moments with you. An avid people watcher, I love to immerse myself into local cultures and capture their essence, and I am also fascinated by nature and the natural world. There is so much going on all around us which is sadly all too often overlooked - I love to capture the beauty of the micro world and share and showcase the beauty and wonders of nature - I spend hours waiting for those magic moments, a small selection of which can be seen here. Please contact me if you have any specific requests, would like to learn more about macro or photography in general or to discuss collaborating on projects...

The beauty of the Micro World

Working Girl - From "Pollinators" Series


Sparking conversations and inspiring the imagination, photographs can captivate, capture images or evoke memories and emotions of places visited, past expeirences or dreams realised.


I never tire of waiting patiently for that special moment, that split second to freeze the moment and shoot and then sharing these experiences via my work. 


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